Helmets to Hardhats
Helmets to Hardhats in the fasted way for Military, Reservists, & Guardsmen to transition from active duty to a career in the construction industry.

Iowa Construction Careers
Iowa Union Contractors and the workers they employ are the best in the business. An employee of a union contractor in the construction trades has gone through thousands of hours of training as an apprentice to learn his/her skills. That learning experience of three and five years has taught the unionized worker the skills they need to be the best in the business. Non-union contractors have no where near the skill training of their unionized competition.

Iowa Workforce Development
Iowa Workforce Development contributes to the economic security of Iowa’s workers, businesses and communities through a comprehensive statewide system of employment services, education and regulation of health, safety and employment laws.

Des Moines School Board
The people of Des Moines elect seven members to serve as their representatives on the Des Moines School Board. In turn, the Board is responsible for the governance of Iowa’s largest provider of public education.

Des Moines City Council
Six member council governing the City of Des Moines

Polk County Supervisors
There are five members on the Board of Supervisors, each elected by citizens in one of the five districts. Individuals serve staggered four-year terms, with elections held every two years. The Board elects one of its members annually to serve as chair.

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