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This online directory is a resource to architects, Iowa contractors, and other professionals in the building industry. It lists and provides access to those in the building profession. It can provide information about Iowa Contractors 24 hours a day. CIBCTC is a state wide organization comprised of the 18 building trade unions and over 300 Iowa Contractors. We would like to thank all the trades and the Iowa contractors for your support in keeping the directory current.

You are not just buying a structure when you start your project, you are buying a package of services; the quality of those services will have an important affect on your project. Your next building project will be determined by the skill of the building professionals who construct it. You should shop for iowa contractors as carefully as you design the features of your project. CIBTC believes projects should be well designed and well constructed. Union construction is the ultimate symbol of the quality in building profession. Our Iowa contractors feel a strong responsibility to their customers and their communities. Build your next project with a professional iowa contractor in our directory.

Union workers are the most highly skilled in the building industry. They uphold a long-standing commitment to bettering their communities. In exchange for this commitment, they receive superior education and training, fair wages, health and welfare benefits and pensions, and the pride of knowing that their skills will remain in high demand.

It is true that some of our competition can quote a lower price by cutting corners on wages, benefits and training. We believe that it all comes out in the wash. If a worker gets paid less, has lousy health insurance and gets little to no training, it is likely that the owner of the project will get a less than desirable product.

By becoming a union signatory contractor or sub-contractor, employers have the security of knowing their construction project will be completed with superior results – on time and on budget. They also have the pride of knowing they are helping to improve their communities by creating jobs, promoting family stability, and strengthening community involvement.



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